Is there a mobile app for M-DATS?

There is a mobile application for both iOS and Android. These applications are native apps, meaning they don’t function by using your browser on your device. Click Here for more information on our mobile apps.

How often do you release updates?

We’re always releasing minor tweaks and bug fixes on a daily basis and larger updates every week or two. Our development team is always working to ensure our system is always modern and synced to changes within the industry.

Which browsers can I use?

Officially we support Chrome & Firefox. However we generally recommend all users on both PC and Mac’s to use Chrome. Other browsers like Safari are also known to work alright. However we do not support or recommend Internet Explorer as it presents to many unique issues and Microsoft is beginning to cease continued support of IE.

Do I have to buy any extra hardware?

Not at all, M-DATS only requires the use of a Android or iOS device for drivers. Unlike other systems you won’t find yourself paying for more hardware from other vendors just to get real-time vehicle tracking and more. Often times these other solutions can cost anywhere from an additional $15-$35 a vehicle per month. With us that’s all avoided.

Will this work outside of the United States?

Yes and no. Currently it will not work for fleets operating outside of the United States. However, you can access the web-portal from nearly eveywhere in the world, so don’t worry about not being able to monitor your operation while on that vacation. Though, we’d suggest giving yourself a break for once!

We will be supporting fleets in Canada very soon and the changes required could be accomplished in a timely manner for any interested customers.

Subscription and Billing

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently offer both bank card and ACH (eCheck) payments. For cards we accempt: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.

Can we pay by check?

Yes, but pre-payment of 6 months to 1 year (depending on fleet size) will be required. However you’ll get the benefit of an additional 5% to 10% discount.

Are there any base fees or setup cost?

No, our price scales based on your actual fleet size and is a per vehicle cost. However, our plans have either a 5 or 10 vehicle minimum charge, which accounts for the cost of doing business considering support time, free implementation and customizations. We have a good number of customers with fewer than the minimum vehicle count which also means their cost won’t increase until they cross that minimum as well.

We do not have any setup fee’s, but do offer to travel for on-site training and implementation at additional cost or depending on fleet size an initial term contract. We are happy to discuss this further and learn more about your needs.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, if you have a fleet over 25 vehicles we can work with you on some of our structured discounts. We also are always offering selective discounts to companies that have great potential and operate in areas we’re not yet established in. Be sure to contact us to inquire more at sales@idatsolutions.com

What is the average subscription/fleet size?

The average overall fleet size with our customers is about 25 vehicles. The most typical range of fleet sizes we see are from 10 to 50 vehicles. We have some larger fleets as well and can handle hundreds of vehicles.


Do you have route-optimization?

Yes, and our solution is much more than some basic “auto-scheduling” tools. Our system can process hundreds of jobs and route them between your vehicles for an entire day. It’ll factor in various time-window requirements that could vary by job-type set by you and/or brokers.

This process is not auto-scheduling a single job one-by-one, but instead is factoring in time-windows, driver and vehicle capabilities, and optional vehicle start/end locations as well as driver shift times. Our Routing solution can also factor in the possibility (if enabled) for multi-load (shared ride) situations, providing vehicle capacity settings.

For same-day optimizations you can quickly handle your will-calls and addon trips with ease. We even provide the options to schedule these rides without making any changes to existing rides, or re-optimizing rides not yet started, factoring your vehicles current and updated location.

Will your Plugins import duplicate rides?

No, one of the greatest things about M-DATS is all of our plugins, they be trip file or API based, are built in a customized manner for each broker/software system. This means we ensure they do not re-import the same trips already imported. This makes importing addon trips quick and easy during the middle of the day.

Some of our plugins will even help update existing rides already imported, but this varies by plugin and depends on file data provided by the broker.

Users & Access

Can I have more than one login?

Of course! For HIPAA & HITECH compliance reasons this is a must, but important regardless for any company that needs to grant various user access and permissions. We don’t charge you based upon number of users so you won’t even have to be tempted to share user access!

Do you offer Google Login or other Single Sign-On?

We currently offer “Login with Google”, which is perfect for those who want an easy way to authenticate and use either a free GMail or Google G-Suite (for business) account. We currently do not offer any other SSO integration like SAML, but we’re considering these options for the future.