Feature Packed

You'll quickly find how feature packed M-DATS really is. While we try to focus on the core aspects, keep in mind there are likely many other things we just don't have room to showcase that will make all the difference in day-to-day use!

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Other Key Features

Thought that’s all we had? Well don’t worry, you’re just scratching the surface!

Alerts & Notifications

Get simple yet powerful tools for alerts, trip reminders to customers, schedule reminders to drivers, reservation confirmations, various notifications to dispatchers and managers, and much more. This is all accomplished by both text, email, and app notifications. With our apps drivers can expect immediate alerts to trip changes on their mobile device.

Billing & Invoicing

Efficiently review and process billing with our powerful automation. Our system is intuitive and robust, allowing for billing calculations with third-party brokers for cross checking, to actual invoicing through  our advanced calculation system. We’re also planning to integrate soon with popular systems like Xero or Quickbooks.

Employee Management

Our solution is great for accomplishing many basic management needs over employee records. However if you need or use other more advanced solutions, HR or Payroll systems, we may be able to integrate! You can take advantage of our current integration with GoogleApps, Fleetio, and TSheets.

Reporting & Auditing Tools

Reporting is important for any business to know what is working and what isn’t. Being able to audit your own information or have the tools to complete audits from third-parties and brokers is a breeze with M-DATS. We can also work to create customized reporting tools for your companies needs.

Security & HIPAA Compliance

It’s that all too common thing you keep hearing about, however it’s not a joking matter for NEMT companies. Many solutions don’t actually meet HIPAA security requirements, including many who claim to.

Location & Contacts

Fully customizable database of locations which offer faster transportation entry. You just can’t depend on mapping solutions to have all those locations like doctors offices, care facilities, etc, in their system. Our system is also perfect for adding claims adjusters and other contacts that might be shared between multiple clients.

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