Billing, Claims & Invoicing

What makes our billing system so great?

We offer the most powerful billing and rate calculation system around. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. We’re always hearing how other systems have limitations and just can’t handle your unique situation.

Brokerage Integration

This system is robust enough to handle the varying billing and rate structures setup by brokers like MTM, Access2Care, Logisticare, and more- allowing you the ability to use our system even if just to cross check and verify you’re getting paid what your entitled. In many cases we have a process for handling your claims to include generating your daily logs with signatures and much more.

Confirmation Emails

When creating reservations you can send copies of just the reservation to some contacts and then copies of the reservation and pricing details to others. By default these fields will populate with the emails provided for the reservations selected site and billing contacts.

This is great when you need a care facility where a customer resides to have a copy of the reservation details but not the pricing information which may be sent to the customer or family member arranging transportation.

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837P EDI Claims Processing

The 837P (Professional) is the standard format used by health care professionals to transmit claims electronically. The Form CMS-1500 is the paper equivalent to the 837P.  This standard HIPAA transactional compliant process is suitable and required for billing various government and some private payers. Often you’ll see various state/medicaid health plans and managed care organizations requiring submissions under this standard.

Facility Discounts

Set per contact & customer discounts. This allows the ability to give a facility, attached as a common site or billing contact, a discount that would apply to a customers reservations automatically. By doing this with a Site vs a Billing contact the rate discount would apply even if the customer or another 3rd party other than the facility is paying the bill.

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Xero & Quickbooks

Our integration allows you to automatically create detailed invoices and track the invoice payment status, so forget manually creating invoices. Works with billing to 3rd party contacts/facilities along with helping reconcile transactions with brokers. We also feature customized alerts for your staff when booking rides for those with past-due balances still owed. Click here to learn more…

Advanced Calculations

Our billing system offers advanced capabilities when it comes to invoicing and price calculations that far exceed other systems on the market. Varying time-based base rates, mileage rates, manual or integrated Google mileage, additional field calculations, and more. The system can handle a wide range of overrides based upon selected field values, with rate structures that base off items like; city, county, state, zip code, and more. It can be as simple or advanced as you desire!

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Many of our third-party plugins which handle trip imports with small and national brokers also can take advantage of the billing information in various ways. Sometimes it involves full integration with a billing or claims process. Ultimately our goal is to ensure your daily operational process is the most efficient, giving you the greatest ROI (return on investment).