Employee Management

Don't find yourself limited with users and employee records that don't help with other management tasks. Our suite offers various integration's and tools to help you with your day-to-day operations.

The power of workforce management

These are the features that make all the difference. Why settle for a solution that only causes more duplication of user accounts and management?

Employee Records

M-DATS offers a moderately powerful employee management system, allowing you to store various key data on your drivers, dispatchers, and other workers. It’s a great alternative for smaller companies that simply need basic HR management without paying for other solutions. Store information like driver license details, including license types, expiration dates, and more.


Take advantage of various integration’s with our internal brokerage plugins, Google Apps and other partners. We also feature a very robust integration with our partners at Fleetio and TSheets, removing the need to manage your workforce within multiple systems. This makes on/off boarding of employees and contractors a breeze!

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Permission Roles

Assign various permissions based upon an employees role in the company, ensuring the safeguarding of customer information and access to other sensitive data.

Exporting Tools

Export your employees to popular systems to GoogleApps and more, allowing easy management of records in other systems.

Track Commissions

Our Commission Reports allow you to track commission payments based upon the trips your drivers have done.

Performance Logs*

Review performance and accuracy of your drivers when it comes to data collection

*This is an upcoming or beta feature