GPS Vehicle Tracking

We have one of the most friendly, intuitive and useful GPS tracking and mapping features for transportation providers. Take a look and you'll see just how great this feature is.

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No Third-Party Hardware

Our powerful GPS Tracking doesn’t require additional third-party solutions. While some other dispatching providers might appear to have a killer price-point, you’ll find yourselves paying hidden costs or purchasing separate tracking hardware from another vendor. Why should you have to work with two different vendors just to have a core feature you’d expect, at a higher price? Well that wont be the case with us!

GPS Tracking Map

Real-Time Traffic

Our solutions are integrated with Google Maps, giving you the industries most powerful suite of tools for mapping. You also get real-time traffic information on both the web-interface and mobile apps for drivers. This ensures all members of your team are aware of the current road conditions and can avoid costly mistakes that get your vehicles in traffic jam, especially on the highways.

Satellite Map Overlays

Once again the power of Google Maps is at your fingertips! Get the most up-to-date satellite overlays which can help dispatchers and drivers alike. We know it’s sometimes tricky to find your way around certain urban and rural areas, especially private roads and long driveways that aren’t actually mapped. This works in combination with other overlaps like traffic, weather, and trip locations.