Intuitive User Interface

Display Indicators

Make dispatching easy, fast, and powerful with our unique dispatching module. Our Dispatch Scheduler module provides an intuitive way for dispatchers to quickly determine the status and important details about a trip. Indicators are used for the most important details including; will-calls, when wait time is required, when driver notes have been entered, and more.

Trip Location Mapping

Use the mapping interface for more than just tracking your fleets vehicles. See the location of various trips on your map and use powerful sort tools to see trips on different days, with different statuses. Need to just show unassigned and/or will-calls? No problem, just filter for unassigned jobs for the current day. What’s better is you also see your vehicles current locations and the trips currently assigned to them.

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Trip & Vehicle Status

Get current status information on trips so you know when jobs are pending, have been accepted/dispatched, are picking-up, enroute, delayed, and more. Also take advantage of a workbench for handling unassigned and will-call trips. This combined with our easy click and drag assignments makes this module perfect for both active dispatching and trip scheduling.

Non-Intrusive Scheduling

Our job publishing is a simple yet powerful addition that allows dispatchers to avoid sending trips to drivers. This is helpful in cases where a dispatcher is still considering their options and allows schedulers to avoid alerting drivers to future day trips that could distract from the current trips at hand. Once again you can take advantage of our easy click-and-drag features to quickly build and adjust imported routes/schedules.

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Multi-Monitor Support

Our system was designed in such a way that it actually works well with multi-monitor displays. While you can scroll or click and pan around the schedule view, adding multiple monitors is an excellent option for larger operations. Use a single monitor or as many as six as we’ve seen with a couple of our larger customers, the choice is yours!

Schedule Notepad

Type notes anywhere on our awesome scheduling interface. We often heard how some dispatchers would still like their old-school and inefficient paper schedules because they could write notes. Well with our system you can do it too, just electronically. What’s better is these notes are stored so you can see them when reviewing the schedule view for past dates.