Text & Email Notifications

Keep both your Customers and Drivers informed and provide a higher quality of service through excellent communication. It's easy for everyone to lose track of things in a busy environment.

Customer Text Reminders

Send friendly text message reminders about scheduled pick-ups. We even filter out landline phones and process requests for customers to unsubscribe​ from future notifications. You also get a dedicated local number exclusive for your company that will send the texts.

Driver Text Alerts

While drivers will normally receive information instantly on their mobile device, we also send text alerts if drivers don’t accept new trips within a customized timeframe. Great if drivers happen to be away from a tablet mounted in a vehicle or aren’t logged into the mobile app.

Confirmation Emails

When booking transportation for direct private pay customers that don’t fall into the realm of HIPAA compliance requirements, we provide you a easy way to send reservation confirmations and pricing details as desired.

Employee Schedules

Send basic information to your employees, both office and drivers informing them of their schedules day-to-day. Provide a daily briefing and individual instructions for each specific employee and send limited schedule information to drivers (for HIPAA compliance). This is useful when drivers may not have a mobile device at all times to securely review their routes.

Automated Phone Calls*

A coming feature will be automated phone calls that can be intermixed with customer text reminders. This is very useful when there isn’t going to be a mobile phone to get the text messages, especially if your notifying staff at a care facility.

Daily Facility Reminders*

While individual reminders can work great, there are circumstances that it can be to much. This is true when you deal with facilities that might have multiple patients a day that you’re transporting. Instead, we will be offering a single daily reminder listing all the customers your company is transporting in a particular day.