Brokerage Integrations

Here you will see a list of our main integration's with popular brokers. If you work with a broker that's not listed we may still support them. We're also able to work with you to integrate with other third-parties as needed.

What's the big advantage?

Custom Trip Importing

Many of our plugins have the ability to handle trip file imports from various brokers and in different formats. Each is handled in its own customized way and process, no “cookie cutter” type imports here.

Trip Logs & Data Export

We can automatically generate various trip logs and data exports in the required formats for major brokers and others as necessary. This includes the formatting of electronically collected signatures for both customers and drivers alike.

Billing & Claims Processing

Handling generic invoice or HIPAA 837P EDI transactions are one thing, but being able to process data into formats accepted by various 3rd-party brokers is another, but we got that too!

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Which third-parties do we support?

The following is a list of our most widely used integrations with healthcare organizations and transportation brokers. Click on each of the tabs for more detailed information.

Access 2 Care

Access2Care is a company that provides brokerage services for medical transportation. We have a plugin that can handle industry standard data file exports which they provide to their providers, making it easy to streamline your day-to-day operations. It’ll handle your trip importing and trip audit logs. This plugin suite is a must have


We can support the various file templates from LogistiCare. Many of the one size fits all imports with other programs don’t take into account that various different areas (States) have a slightly different file template. Since our importing process is very powerful and articulate, we take into account these variations and ensure you get the right plugin for the job!

We also have a process for generating the require trip logs with signatures that are required, along with a data file for uploading your claims data quickly into LogistiCare. This makes your job importing and billing/claims a job that takes seconds instead of hours.


Our integration with MTM is completely comprehensive, allowing provider companies to handle importing of trips with articulate detail that accounts for the handful of status codes provided by MTM.

We also provide a feature filled claims processing, auto-generating Daily Trip Logs with member signatures which can be obtained from the mobile app, and more. We also provide an interface for drivers to sign their daily logs from a mobile device or PC electronically.

Claims Data Export file is another feature, removing any need to manually complete all your times and other information for each trip you do with MTM. Basically, our solution handles just about everything and only requires a couple file uploads to MTM each day for claims processing.

This is one of our most robust integrations that typically provides a return-on-investment that is 2-4 times the cost of our entire solution, depending on the size of your fleet and operation.

Secure Transportation

We feature a robust integration with Secure Transportation’s trip exports. Our system can even handle their 2.0 portal files that are password protected, providing you an interface to provide the password to decrypt the files. You won’t have to do anything to the original file just to get it to import.

Medical Answering Service

Our integration with MAS is great for our New York State customers. This integration features a full API implementation, meaning there is no need to import/export files from MAS. Our system can communicate directly with MAS through a connection with your MAS portal login. In the future we will even be able to automatically create/edit your drivers and vehicles in the MAS portal, making vehicle and employee on/off-boarding much easier.

iOBSS (Oregon)

OBSS is the Oregon Brokerage Scheduling System. While an outdated and primitive brokerage scheduling system, our automated processes are fairly robust. Our OBSS based plugin actually is a separate plugin for each brokerage. This allows us to avoid the one-size fits all process, as each broker has set up their OBSS system differently. The integration currently handles trip file importing and invoice file generation that includes mileage and cost calculation. This is extremely valuable to providers since iOBSS is the worst system used by any broker (we’ve experienced to date) when it comes to transparency with the billing/claims process.


Currently the following brokerages are using OBSS:

WellRide (Yamhill County, Oregon)
MedLink (Portland, Oregon)
Cascade East Ride Center (Bend, Oregon)
Cascade West Ride Line (Albany, Oregon)
TransLink (Medford, Oregon)
Northwest Ride Center (Astoria, Oregon)

National MedTrans

Working with NMT (National MedTrans)? While they have their own mobile app, the issue for most providers is maintaining control of their fleet and mixing their NMT trips with all their other business like Private Pay or other broker trips.

With our integration you can seemlessly bring your NMT trips directly into our system, scheduling them alongside the rest.


Import your rides from Veyo so you can dispatch them through our system to your fleet. This makes it easy to intermix rides from Veyo with your trips sourced through other brokers and private pay business.

Route Match

RouteMatch is used by various transit agencies operating brokerages.

The following known brokerages using RouteMatch:

TripLink (Salem, Oregon)
ReadyRide (Grant’s Pass, Oregon)

MART / CATA (Boston, MA)

We integrate with the Medicaid portal used by the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART), allowing you a seamless way to quickly import and process your trip data for scheduling. We’re also able to handle all the complex billing calculations they have in place, something that many other systems just aren’t up to the task.


We currently feature integration with TripSpark’s NovusMD, used by a handful of smaller brokerages around the country. This integration can vary depending on the implementation by each respective broker and our team can work with you to ensure that the unique customization made by your broker is supported.

Brokerages included, but not limited to:
— RideSource (Oregon)
— Bay Cities Brokerage (Oregon)
— and more


We integrate with the trip file downloads used with Ride2MD. This enables our customers to use our solution to consolidate all of their business, instead of having to use the Ride2MD separately for their Ride2MD trips.

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