We’re super excited to share with the world that we’ve finally released a full-fledged NEMT Route Optimization Module for M-DATS! This new feature is not one of those gimmicky tools with some label of “auto-scheduling” that really doesn’t handle all those important variables necessary for NEMT operations.

This new system allows for the entire optimization of a full days route. For even just a few vehicles– to even a couple hundred in your fleet! It factors historical traffic information, vehicle travel distance and driver/vehicle idle time, passenger mobility requirements and vehicle capabilities, driver shift times, customized start/end locations, pick-up and drop-off time-windows, allowing will-call projections, and much more!


Check out a preview of the daily-optimization interface below:

A clean and easy module to optimize your routes in a matter for minutes or even seconds. Saving you countless hours of day-to-day scheduling.


We know this new feature has been anticipated by current and potential customers for a long time now, so we’re happy to finally have it here for you! While M-DATS already offered the most intuitive scheduling interface that allowed dispatchers to quickly build those manual schedules better than any other system, this new tool could offer more moderate to large fleets some great improvements and significantly more cost savings.

If you’d like to try out this new solution or even another trial of M-DATS be sure to get in touch! You can reach us at sales@idatsolutions.com or call us at (503) 339-1540. You can also use the links above to setup a personalized demo with our team.


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