Over the last few months, we’ve had a lot of newer customers who’ve been very interested in our TSheets integration. Of course, we have more to come soon with our Time Loss Prevention feature, but we wanted to do a little overview of another integration that we’ve personally discovered to be wonderful, and another reason we love TSheets!

What is it? It’s called Gusto (formally ZenPayroll) and integrates directly with TSheets. While TSheets does all of your time tracking, Gusto is a payroll processor and basic HR management platform.


Check out Gusto - 1 month free trial


Our own company actually looked all several payroll processors over the last couple of years, including ADP, PayChex, and many others. Many have very complex and “nickel & dime” fee’s for things, but with Gusto it’s all a straight forward pricing. We’ve found they are very responses to our needs unlike many others and handle a lot of other filings on our behalf. So we’ve been happy to take the advice from our partners at TSheets to check out Gusto.

There are many things to love about it, but the biggest reason is the simplicity of it and the tools Gusto offers to really make payroll and employee on boarding efficient.

Gusto even helps new employees and managers automatically complete I9’s and other documents required for employees, which can get started before their first day on the job! New hires can also electronically complete direct deposit requires, and while they don’t print the paper checks, they make it easy for the employees you need to print checks for, so no waiting on those checks to be delivered.

These are some of the reasons we’ve been telling our customers that we recommend Gusto, and it’s not a service we resell or bill our customers for so we don’t have a “dog in the fight” here.

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