If you already know what Xero is, then you’re likely to be delighted by this feature release! M-DATS is now integrated with Xero, a popular cloud-based accounting software system that has given Intuit Quickbooks serious competition. While we plan to support Quickbooks Online later this year (not the Desktop versions, sorry), we focused on Xero first as more of our customers were using Xero over Quickbooks Online.

What’s Included

We’ve released a lot in this initial release. The Xero App converts the newer Billing 2.0 interface to interact with Xero to automatically generate a full detailed invoice from each Reservation. This includes a line item for each leg of the trip using the Base Cost Factor(s), the Total Trip Mileage, Custom Fields for the respective Job-Type, and then Time-Based Surcharges (ie After Hours, etc.). It also handles Cost Override and discounts.

Invoice generation even works with 3rd party billing contacts. The only difference is a 3rd Party Billing Contact becomes the Contact Billed in Xero, thus if you bill say a Care Facility or Hospital for multiple riders (aka customers), then all the bills are generated to them. We also add an additional line-item with no-cost in the invoice to indicate who the Customer Transported was.


Status & Information Updates

Once an invoice is marked Paid in Xero, these changes will be reflected in the M-DATS Billing 2.0 portal after awhile. Xero will soon support webhooks which will allow us to get instant updates about status changes to invoices, but for now, we will automatically check every few hours, or immediately when you go to check on the status of a particular invoice.

Contacts will be generated in Xero upon the first invoice creation, and updates to their details will then be instant if that contact has been invoiced with Xero integration before.


Other Notes

The one major change is the email field on all Site & Billing Contacts only supports one email now, and this change affects all customers. The change was in part due to limits in Xero, but was made as a precursor to being able to add Additional Contacts by Name/Email to a 3rd Party Contact. This will soon play a role in the next major feature release which will be our Customer & Facility Booking Portals.


Account Settings

We have a good number of helpful account settings for making use of Xero’s Tracking feature, which can be used with both Area Groups and Job-Types. You can also set Account Codes (aka Chart of Accounts) by either Job-Type or by Area Group. You can also change how Cost Override is displayed in the invoice, as some might prefer something like “Quoted Cost”, etc. You can also indicate which Job-Types will support Xero Exporting and Sync.



Billing Alerts

Billing alerts allow you to have data synced on current outstanding balances, This will be similar to the current Customer Alerts feature, which users are having to manually populate. We understood that notes related to customers outstanding and past-due balances should be more automated, keeping users from having to manually add and remove Customer Alerts.



If your current Plan supports this new Xero Integration Feature it will be ready to be Enabled via your Account Settings, Billing page. Otherwise, it may instruct you to first contact Support for further assistance in getting this going. We know this will be a major help in the billing departments for many of our customers.

We’ve already concluded savings in billing labor of “$15k per year for a 20 vehicle fleet size”, but of course this can be higher or lower depending on the amount of automation in your current process. Simply, this feature itself may pay for the cost of our system and more!

The setup process is very easy and our system will guide you through the setup process. Of course, if you need futher help let us know. If you’re not already a customer feel free to sign-up for a Demo and let us know you’re interested in Xero: https://idatsolutions.com/demo


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